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LAP - Lite Airbases Project

LAP is a new project of the Greek Sim Design Team in which we try to design all the Hellenic Airbases for Flight Simulator, FSX and Prepar3D, for our combat simmer friends.

By Lite we mean that the sceneries will have objects like:

  • Most Shelters
  • Basic Hangars
  • Basic Buildings
  • Photoreal Ground of the airport area
  • All taxiways and runways at their exact position
  • Basic lighting
  • Some 3D objects

These scenery packs include everything in order to operate and make them as realistic as we can, compared to the default ones.


Below is a list of all LAP airbases we have created:
(*A simple registration is required to download)

  • LGAD - Andravida Air Base LAP

    Andravida Air Base is a military airport operated by the Hellenic Air Force, located 2.5 kilometres from the town of Andravida - Greece, housing the 117th Combat Wing, and the Air Force's Air Tactics Center.

We use only public data to create these sceneries, like Google Earth, photos taken from internet websites and blogs, etc.
We don't have access to Hellenic Air Force Airbases, neither we take photos from them due to law restrictions!